Ben’s Book Review

My book review is for Harry.

The book I would like to recommend is David Walliams The boy in the dress. This is a story about a boy called Dennis who wanted to go to school in a dress. His friend Lisa helped him. Dennis is really good at football but also enjoys fashion and vogue magazine.

Raj the shopkeeper in the story is really funny. He always tries to sell his customers lots of silly discounts and has some very interesting deals.

I think Harry will like this because its also got football in it as the school team try to win the cup.

From Ben

Literacy Homework

The night of Christmas Eve was sleepless. I had been writing a song about life on Mars, and I got stuck for ideas, leading me to look out the window for inspiration . Gently, I drew back my glittering, velvety curtains to see Saint Nicholas himself! With a long, silky beard and a crimson red coat he flew through the onyx sky. His  sleigh was a wonder, dragged forwards by beautiful reindeer. He stopped at a chimney and I saw he threw down a sailor hat, a television and a caveman toy. As he flew off I thought of the last lyrics, then wrote the end of my song.

I noticed a strange coincidence relating to our history/literacy topic. I saw the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert on TV and it tells the interesting story of the WW1 Xmas truce that we have been talking about in class. Keep an eye out for it over Christmas or you can view it now on by searching for ‘Sainsbury’s Official Christmas 2014 Ad’. It already has over 11 million views after only 10 days.