Miss Daniels’ set’s book recommendations

My Literacy set have written book recommendations for each other.  Have you read any of the ones they have recommended?

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  1. adaniels Post author

    Nitish’s Book Recommendation:

    I recommed to Mitchell

    Mr Stink by David Walliams

    At the start it induce you to Mr Stink and it describe him that he was a tramp for all of his live ,so he didn’t have a proper wash . Also it induce you to Chloe that she was a loneliest girl in the world but she goes to a posh private school. Chloe see the local tramp. She was quite nervous .She hasn’t seen a tramp before.

    Mitchell will love it because it really funny and hilarious and he also like it when it smell like a garbage tip.

    I rate this book 10/10

    I hope you like this book and want to read it.

  2. adaniels Post author

    Luke O’s book recommendation:
    Recommended to Arun.
    The book is called Football academy striking out.

    This book is about a boy called Yunis and he is really good at football.
    He is the top goal scorer at the under 12 academy but his dad thinks
    School is more important than football. He makes him do all his work before
    He goes out with Jake and his friends to practice football. On one night his mum tells
    Yunis why his dad does not like football.
    The book is so good because you really want to know why his dad does not like football and why
    He is not watching his son.
    Arun will like it because he really likes football.

  3. adaniels Post author

    Harry’s book recommendation:

    Recomendation : Ben
    Book : Black and White

    Ben would like this book because Ben likes sport and the book is all about football and football is a sport.
    The book is about this boy who went to this football club what was called white but he didnt really like that club so he changed his club and his next club was called balck. This club was his best club he was ever at. And I really liked that book so i think Ben would like the book as well. So i would recomend it to Ben.
    I really liked the book.

  4. adaniels Post author

    Jack’s book recommendation:

    I read Mr Stink by David Walliams. The book is about a girl called Chloe who is very lonely until she meets the local tramp called Mr Stink. They become friends and she invites him to stay in her garden shed. Her family do not know that he is staying in the shed. Mr Stink was not always a tramp he was once a lord and his wife died in a fire. Chloe’s mum is a local politician and her dad has lost his job and hides under the stairs so the family think he is at work. Chloe has a lot of adventures with the tramp which include a visit to the prime minister.

  5. adaniels Post author

    Isobel’s book recommendation:

    Recommendation to: Katie book: Cookie by: Jacqueline Wilson

    Cookie is about a girl called Beauty Cookson. Her dad is super strict and spoils her rotten. On the other hand, her mum can’t cook to save her life but she figures out that her mum can bake something… COOKIES! Beauty is trying hard to make friends at school but it is hard for her because the girl she wants to make friends with,R is best friends with a girl called Skye, who is her worst enemy. It is coming up to Beauty’s birthday and her dad wants her to invite her whole class to a birthday party

  6. zaheer

    recommendation to Alex

    I think Alex would like undead ed and the howling moon because its a book about a boy who dies and learns the rules of the undead. Most importantly being undead sucks. He meets a boy called Max moon he helps him on deadly adventures. He nearly gets eaten by a fat baby and nearly gets his soul sucked out.

  7. Alexavier

    alexavier’s books recommendation:

    recommendation to :zaheer book:know it all !know everything

    It is about all the things in the world as well as it being really helpful because it has them spilt up into different sections for example history and technology. aka. egypt would be in history ,dinosaurs that would be in the mamerles and animals section . all this and lots more . Also it is 3d on the front cover that I think is pretty good. As Zaheer likes lodes of different bits in the world this would be I deal for him.

    Zaheer will like it because he loves action and this book has some action in it also most people don’t like non-fiction books bit Zaheer likes them a bit.

    This is why I would recommend this amazing book to Zaheer .

  8. Vish

    Vishakan’s book recommendation.
    Recommending to :Thomas 6D
    Book: The boy in the dress
    Author: David Walliams

    I recommend this book to Thomas because he likes football and there’s quite a lot football in there and its really funny because a boy is reading a girl’s fashon design comic and Thomas is a really funny person and I’ll bet he’ll laugh when he reads it and finally Thomas likes reading some David walliams like billionaire boy so I think he’ll like it because its a boy in a dress and the title sounds funny . Lots of people loves David Walliams books (especially Ben).

  9. Aya recommendation for Laine

    This book is about a young girl called Matilda who loves learning educational things but her parents don’t want her to be educational.Her dad’s job is making cars and selling them but he makes rubbish cars. Matilda didn’t go to school before but one day her dad asked her if she wanted to go to school and she shouted YES in excitement.Her school was in terrible condition. The head teacher is the worst person you would ever meet . Matilda’s teacher is called Miss Lovely.She is nice and sweet .One day after school,Matilda decides to visit Miss Lovely but a few hours later her parents come and tell Matilda they are moving for a permanent vacation .Matilda says she doesn’t want to go so Matilda gives her parents some adoption papers so her parents could sign them.After they signed them she could lives with with her teacher forever.Matilda loved the rest of her life.

  10. Laine

    I would recommend best friends to Aya because it is a really good book about two girls called Alice and Gemma and Alice moves away to Scotland and their mums don’t want them to see each other or be friends so Alice moves away but they both go on the train to try and see each other but their mums did not let them go. I would recommend this to people aged 9-13 I would give this book 9.5/10 I hope you enjoy reading this book this book is by Jacqueline Wilson

  11. Katie

    Recommendation to: Isobel 6D
    Book: Sleepovers
    Author: Jacqueline Wilson

    Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily are friends at school and have their own Alphabet Club. Daisy is the newest member and in the first year at the school the girls plan a sleepover party for their birthdays. Daisy is petrified when it come’s round to her birthday. She doesn’t know what her friends will make of sleepover at her house with her old, odd sister. But when her sleepover came they had a super fun time and they camped outside for the night until during the night when chloe need a wee then she had a fright. But when she got so scared she wet herself.

    By Katie 6H

  12. Lee

    Lee recommendation
    Recommending to :Zaheer
    Book:Star wars Jedi academy
    Author:Jeffrey Brown

    I would recommend this book to Zaheer because he likes Star wars,this book is funny because whenever Yoda talks he talks backwards.Yoda is the leader of all Jedi’s also looks very funny to his face is all wrinkly and he is very short.One of the students thought he looked like someone with battle scars and it turned out wrong.Their is a boy named Roan that wants to attend in the pilot academy like his older brother,father and his grandfather.A couple of weeks later he is attended to the Jedi academy, where he learns how to master the force and slow dance a girl also fence with a lightsaber.I think Zaheer would like this book because he likes books which are funny Another reason he would like this book is that it has lots of different action.

  13. Sydney

    My recommendation to Natalia

    I recommend Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson because Natalia seems
    to really enjoy Jacqueline’s books.

    in the books a small girl called Ellen-jane is running out of money, it is a very long time
    ago and money is scarce so ellen goes out and uses her talents for her family of 6 but a circus man comes and trys to steal her, Ellen screams and crus for her father and he comes the circus man wanted to buy her. Ellen trys to reason with her father but he sells ellen for 5 guineas. Ellen’s circus career has started.


  14. Cianna book recommendation for Eliza

    Hetty Feather
    This book is about a girl called Hetty Feather who was separated from her mother when she was just a tiny baby.She was taken to a foundling hospital where she was washed and fed in a very cruel manor.However one of the days she and another foundling child where taken to a cab which took them to a home filled with children lots and lots of children there names where:Saul,Rosie,Nat,Eliza,Marcus who was a great solidier,Bess and Nora who where away on service,Martha and her favourite sibling Jem.But one day when she was six her and her brother where taken back to the foundling hospital and where washed and cleaned in the same cruel manor they where the last time they came to the founling hospital.In the diner hall Hetty had became great friends with the diner lady.However at the end of the book hetty realises that the diner lady Ida was her Mother.

    a who where away on service,Martha and her favourite sibling Jem.

  15. Sonny

    Book Recommendation for Shiva:

    I think that shiva would enjoy alone on a wide wide sea as it has adventure and sad parts with other exiting things. At the start of the book you get introduced to the main character arther hob house. The first thing that was going to happen was that arther was going to Australia. The sad bit was that he would leave aunts Meg’s in England. ( going to Australia with him was some friends). Then the adventure comes in as one of his friends lites fire to the ship. The ship crashes to an Ireland But then they find there way back to the ship. When they get to Australia they get off the ship and say goodbye to aunts Meg’s. After that there is more adventure to come! I hope enjoy this book if you do read it!

    From Sonny

  16. Lucia

    I would recommend a book to Masiey called Lilly alone by Jacqueline Wilson it is a book about a girl named Lilly and her sisters and brother Lilly s mum goes on holiday with a friend thinking that some one is there to look after her children but did not come Lilly, who is the oldest, is forced to look after her younger brother and sisters the police come looking and lilly takes them to a park they find a hollowed tree to live in were they will be found but when something goes wrong Lilly has to make a decision i rate this book 5 stars i think this book is suitable for age 8 to 13 if you do read i hope you enjoy it as much as i did

  17. Shiva

    Book recommendation

    I recommend why the whales came by Michael Morpergo to Sonny. Its set it the island of Bryher, one isles of Scilly, off the coast of Cornwall. In 1914 or as you know, World War I the main characters are Grace and Daniel, its been rated 3.9 or 4 stars and was first written in 1989.
    this book was filmed under the title “when the whales came” in 1989 and performed on stage in 2003.I would find this book interesting myself, the book reminds the author about the islands Scotland and when I looked at his website, everybody like it!

    and if you read it, I hoped you like it!

    By Shiva

  18. Sorrell

    I recommend a book called wonder it is a book about a boy named August who has a tough time at school because he looked a lot different but in the end everything falls in to place it is a outstanding touching book.
    I would recommend them to everybody.

    By Sorrell 5R


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