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School Journey 2015 – Day 5

We’ve had a great last day! Children had a good breakfast with sausages, beans and scrambled egg! They all did one last activity, some did the mud trail so they may be a bit smelly! The coach was packed with all our luggage and most importantly, lunch! The instructors gave the children an amazing send off and now we’re on our way back. It’s been an amazing week for the children, full of wonderful memories!


School Journey 2015 – Day 4

Another eventful day, full of activities including archery and sensory trail (aka mud trail!!!) Children had chicken nuggets or spag Bol for lunch with fruit and dinner was burger and cheesy chips or stir fry with homemade chocolate brownies for dessert! The day was ended with a lovely camp fire, where the children did a talent show and listened to stories performed by the instructors. Children sad about leaving but looking forward to coming home!

(Apologises for no photos – having problems with Internet)

School Journey 2015 – Day 3

Another busy day for the children! Lots of children conquered their fears by climbing a trapeze pole and jumping off (with a harness!!!) Some children got rather muddy on the sensory trail. Letters from home were read and responses written, expect replies soon…hopefully!!! Lunch was jacket potatoes with yummy fillings and fruit for dessert and dinner was pizza or honey roasted ham with potatoes and crumble with custard for dessert! The day was ended with the very exciting disco which had energetic instructors getting all children to dance! Children now in bed and adults not far behind for their beds!



School Journey 2015 – Day 2

Had a great day today! Children haven’t stopped and completed lots of activities. We’ve had a very exciting dinner of ribs in sauce or meatballs and pasta and the best bit for the children…..donuts for pudding! We’ve ended our day with mini Olympics and a little water fight, which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to tomorrow! Children all in bed and asleep….hopefully!




School Journey 2015 – Day 1

School Journey 2015 – Day 1

After a smooth coach journey, we arrived at Condover hall. We were greeted by very energetic instructors, who showed us to our accommodation. Children excitedly settled into their rooms and then it was time for their first activity! After that, the children had dinner, which was sausage and mash with syrup sponge pudding and custard. The children had some down time on the field and then did their final activity, which was body zorbing and laser conquest. They are now ready for bed and will hopefully go to sleep soon!!!

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Follow the link above to see Level 6 reading answers (for Miss Hobbs’ group).

If you would like to download past SATs papers to look at for revision purposes, this website is great:

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