School Journey 2015 – Day 5

We’ve had a great last day! Children had a good breakfast with sausages, beans and scrambled egg! They all did one last activity, some did the mud trail so they may be a bit smelly! The coach was packed with all our luggage and most importantly, lunch! The instructors gave the children an amazing send off and now we’re on our way back. It’s been an amazing week for the children, full of wonderful memories!


8 thoughts on “School Journey 2015 – Day 5

  1. Sarah Atkin

    Thanks to all the Staff for looking after the children and for the regular updates. I can’t wait to see Tommy and hear all about it.

  2. Natalie Gassner

    Was lovely having updates everyday, thank you for keeping in touch and making it such a fun week everyone :))) can’t wait to see George :)))

  3. Jane Harvey

    It’s been great to read all about your Y6 School Journey. I hope you have all had a great time. Wishing you all a safe journey home.

  4. Carina (Thomas' mum)

    Thomas is full of stories and it sounds like he has had a great time! Thank you to everyone involved.
    So happy to have my boy back home 🙂

    1. Mr Alford

      It was great to see everyone back safely after what sounded like a fantastic week. I’m looking forward to hearing all the details! Thanks to the staff for your hard work – really appreciated by all us parents!

  5. Natasha Cumberbatch

    Aaron said he had an amazing time, he’s come back singing camp fire songs and showing us his line dancing. Thanks to the school for choosing a fantastic venue for the kids to enjoy and thanks to all of the staff (both school and JCA) who made sure they were well looked after.

  6. lucia

    I had an amazing time i loved being with my friends and was happy with the people in my room had all my friends 🙂

  7. Aya

    I really enjoyed School Journey . My favourite activities were Trapeze and Ariel track.Because the Trapeze was quite scary but i was confident and did it .The Ariel track because i did it but i only completed 2 aquitments but when Mrs Sheldon and Miss Daniels were cheering me i went up and did it again and surprisingly i completed it .


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