School Journey 2015 – Day 2

Had a great day today! Children haven’t stopped and completed lots of activities. We’ve had a very exciting dinner of ribs in sauce or meatballs and pasta and the best bit for the children…..donuts for pudding! We’ve ended our day with mini Olympics and a little water fight, which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to tomorrow! Children all in bed and asleep….hopefully!




16 thoughts on “School Journey 2015 – Day 2

  1. Mr Alford

    Sounds like another great day. Hope you enjoyed the doughnuts! I wonder how many Mr Budden ate? Keep having fun!

  2. Sarah Dooley

    So happy that you are all having a great time. I certainly know one boy who would have been very pleased to have doughnuts for pudding!

  3. Rachel Mason

    Another great day. It sounds fabulous. I hope the staff are enjoying themselves too? Did boys save me a donut?

  4. Claire ferebee

    another great day by the sounds of it, I’m sure they will work off those donuts tomorrow!!! Mr Budden included! ( lol he always gets picked on!!! )

  5. Carina (Thomas' mum)

    So lovely to read all the updates and hear that everyone is having a great time. Love and miss you lots Thomas x

  6. Amanda Brown

    It look like you’re having an amazing time. And Emily will be very pleased to have had her favourite dinner too! Hope the rest of the week is as much fun.
    Amanda Brown (Emily’s mum)

  7. Malin Roberts

    Thanks for the update, sounds great! Difficult choice; ribs or meatballs!? Donuts are always a winner! Wonder what’s on the menu today?
    Hope the sun is shining on you all today for day 3. Have fun!

  8. Lorraine Allison

    Glad you are all having a great time! Love reading the updates, very quiet at home without u Harry x Enjoy x

  9. Kirsten (Freya's Mum)

    I love how everyone is commenting on the food. Mind you, I know Freya would have been happy with that meal! Hope day 3 has been as good as day 1 and 2 seem to have been.

    Keep having fun!

  10. Jackie Owens

    Sounds like your all having a fabulous time. Can’t wait to hear all about it on Friday. Thanks for the updates. Jackie (Luke O’s mum)

  11. Claire ferebee

    Eeeek!! So excited only 2 more sleeps… Sure you’ve had another amazing day. Missing u loads xx

    1. Vincent

      We are glad you are all having so much fun! Today is Joshua’s birthday, happy birthday Joshua from Mum, Dad and Jonathan.


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