School Journey 2015 – Day 1

School Journey 2015 – Day 1

After a smooth coach journey, we arrived at Condover hall. We were greeted by very energetic instructors, who showed us to our accommodation. Children excitedly settled into their rooms and then it was time for their first activity! After that, the children had dinner, which was sausage and mash with syrup sponge pudding and custard. The children had some down time on the field and then did their final activity, which was body zorbing and laser conquest. They are now ready for bed and will hopefully go to sleep soon!!!

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16 thoughts on “School Journey 2015 – Day 1

  1. Mrs Alford- Niall's mum

    It sounds like a great first day Year 6. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy a good sleep tonight.

    Mr Alford

  2. Rachel Mason

    Ben, love the massive smile on your face. Did you manage to get out of it or is this the new disco outfit?? Have a great time year 6. Hopefully you’ve all managed to get some sleep so you can really enjoy tomorrow. Have fun.

  3. Malin Roberts

    Hello yr 6!
    Glad to hear you arrived and are having such a great time already! Hope you all had a good nights sleep ready to face today’s activities. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  4. Claire ferebee

    Aww sounds like they are having a fab time glad weather is good. Thanks for keeping us informed. So quiet here!!!
    Thanks for looking after them so well xx

  5. Lucy (Natalia's Mum)

    Hi Yr 6!
    So good to hear from you !!! Have an amazing time!!! Just enjoy!!! Thank you for updates:)))) love you lots Talia 🙂

  6. Palma (Aya's Mum)

    So great to know that you’re all safe and enjoying your time… Thank you for keeping us updated. Make the most out of it. Miss you Aya xx

  7. Natasha Cumberbatch

    Hi, I remember my school residential, we went to a glass making factory to see how they made glass lol, these days it’s much more exciting! Hope year 6 make the most out of their residential and hope staff don’t come back too knackered xxx

  8. Natalie Gassner

    Ah loving the updates!! Just received text to say you are all having so much fun!!! Hope the sun keeps shining and that you have a good rest tonight, if that’s possible 😉 for another fun packed day 🙂 lots of love George’s mum xxx

    1. Claire ferebee

      Happy Wednesday. Half way there. Jeez it’s been the longest week, well since Tyler did this anyway. Have a great day all, can’t wait to see update later xx

  9. Ronda

    Sounds like Year 6 are having a fabulous time!! I know Travis will be happy just with the puddings they’ve been getting.
    Hope the weather stays dry for you all, and the blogs and texts really help.
    Well done teachers!!
    Ronda ( Travis’ Mum)

  10. jasmin elsaadi

    Hi Year 6 , good you are all well and having fun. We miss you Omi, Emilia is sleeping in your bed because she misses you so much! We love you xxx

    Jasmin ( Omis Mum)


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