Alice in Wonderland


We have been writing our own versions of Alice in Wonderland.

Read our introductions and tell us what you think…

5 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. EmmaJ

    Emma’s version of Alice in Wonderland:

    Alice spread out lazily on the silky sand, gazing out at the bubbly blue ocean; she was becoming tired of watching her sisters play tennis. Alice, in desperate need of a snack, fished into the woven picnic basket – retrieving a thick, heavy yoghurt. Slowly, her eyes grew heavier and the next thing she knew, she was in a deep slumber, dreaming of a peculiar land on a candyfloss cloud…

    Gradually waking up, Alice (still half asleep) stumbled to her feet and wandered off – she soon found herself at a house, almost walking into a lampost as she was so distracted.
    “Where am I?” Alice asked herself as she walked around the emerald green room, glancing at the unusual chequered table cloth and the polka dot carpet.

    1. dhobbs Post author

      I’m enjoying your story so far, Emma- you use great description and you’re really thinking about sentence structure. Keep up the good work!

  2. Niall

    Niall’s introduction:

    Alice was feeling miserable. She wanted to go play at the park with her friends, but when she got there they just laughed and ran off, leaving her to sob on her own. As Alice trudged through the driving rain, her clothes drenched, she thought, “I don’t have a friend in the world!”

    Just then she heard a low moan saying, “Come here…” Alice squealed and jumped up in fright. But in the mist, she saw a drain, which was where the voice was coming from. She knelt down next to it and listened. Suddenly, a whirlwind came out of the drain and sucked her in; she travelled down with a thud and dropped on to the hard ground.

    Covered in bruises, she pushed herself up and glanced around: “Where on earth am I?” she said, aloud…

    1. dhobbs Post author

      I really like how Alice speaks to herself in your story, Niall- she’s just as ditzy as she is in the original novel! Well done 🙂


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